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Bhangarh Fort – A Place Forgotten by Time and People

Bhangarh Fort – A Place Forgotten by Time and People
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When you think about prehistoric times, you come across memories of an old fort that is not at all occupied any more. It is definitely to be caused by some kind of natural calamities, or for the fact that time has actually forgotten to move in this particular place. Well you can see all of that towards Bhangarh Fort. This is a place that has actually been forgotten by time, and moreover, you could say that it is also haunted with the spirits of all the people that have been dead. According to the archaeological survey of India, it is stated that one should not wander in this particular place after sunset. Anything happens to the person, and the government of India is not responsible.

So, one can seriously understand the immense popularity that Bhangarh Fort has with the people looking out for some kind of cheap thrill. However, it is also a scenic beauty, and located just in the border of Sariska Reserve and in the Alwar district of Rajasthan; this is definitely a place that will be alluring. The location of this particular Bhangarh Fort is around 235 km from Delhi, and happens to be located only 32 km from Thana Ghazi. So, you’ll definitely be able to have a wonderful time, and you’ll be able to look into how this particular magnificent fort has actually been turned into a desecrated place.

Once a look into this particular fort, you’ll find that there are many Hindu temples, as well as the architecture which is excellent. Built by SawaiMadho Singh, this is definitely the place that you would have visit, in case you’re actually in need of visiting a wonderful fort that is still intact. Overall, you’ll definitely be able to feel an eerie silence over this particular place, as there is some form of danger lurking. However, if you go in the daytime, you will not be able to feel any kind of problems. You also have the Muslim tomb from one of the sons of King Hari Singh, who had converted into Islam.

So, this place is definitely one of those that would like to entice a lot of people, but due to the supposedly bad features, most of the people are unable to go for a visit to this particular place. The hauntings may not prove to be something that has some kind of facts, but it is definitely something that is going to bring about a lot of change in how people think about this place.