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Bhartrihari Temple- A Religious Circumference

Bhartrihari Temple- A Religious Circumference
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Of late, a lot of people have been able to look into the religious front, and there are temples all across India for the Hindus. If you stop and look, you’ll find that there are a variety of temples that can actually be pointing towards certain Hindu gods and goddesses. So, one such temple is located in Alwar, and it was with the name of Bhartrihari Temple. The local legends mention that if the belief of a person is fully justified, then God will be able to fulfil the aspirations of that person. The name has been derived from the ruler of Ujjain, Bhartrihari baba.

The legends have mentioned thatBhartrihari baba had actually left the kingdom in order to become a saint. Sometime later, he visited his kingdom, and asked from his wife some food, in the guise of a beggar. He then became immortal after eating the fruit that had been provided to him by his wife. It is also mentioned that the city had been able to experience an acute shortage of water during that time. So, God was extremely pleased with his players, and ended up providing a stream of water which would start to emerge from the rock. Local legend has also mentioned that the grave of Bhartrihari baba is located within the temple, and he had buried himself alive.

Sariska National Park is located extremely close to the temple. So, if you happen to visiting the temple, you could also have a tour of the national park. You can see Cheetah and some other wild animals in this particular place. If you’re looking for directions, then just mentioning the national park will take you to the appropriate direction of the temple. You could take the help of private transportation, or you could hire a transport agency to take you there.

The temple is extremely famous in Alwar and is very much the meeting place for most of the devotees. It is believed that the devotees will be able to get all their wishes fulfilled, if they start playing with their true heart. It is noted that Bhartrihari baba has always granted the prayers of the people with a purified heart.