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City Palace – A Palace Worth its Weight

City Palace – A Palace Worth its Weight
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When you would like to go to a place in your visit to Alwar that is filled with beautiful and ornate sculpture, then you could go for a visit to the city Palace. Built around 1793 A.D., by the then maharaja Bakhtawar Singh, this will give you an idea about how the Rajput as well as the Mogul styles of architecture the palace; you realize that the entire architecture is featuring a Lotus.

This was actually a palace that the maharajas would actually come live and house themselves. So, today, such tender palaces of actually been converted into the collectorate of the district, and the front two chambers have also been converted into government offices.

So, this huge palace is actually going to stretch about 5 km from the East to the West. It stands about 304 m above the city, and about 600 m above sea level and it was constructed well before the rise of the Mughal Empire. A lot of Mughal kings had been privy to getting acceptance in this particular palace, and they have also taken back a lot of souvenirs for their children. So, you definitely have a wonderful time understanding about the cultural aspects of the city Palace.

Since it is located in the heart of the city in Alwar, there is absolutely nothing that can be done in order to travel to this place. It is only located in the heart of the city, so taking public competition in the vicinity is the best thing that you can possibly do.