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Company Bagh – Garden of Dreams

Company Bagh – Garden of Dreams
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For those that would like to travel to Alwar, they have definitely got to go to the Company Bagh. Also known as the company Garden, it was laid down during the ruling of maharaja Shiv Dan Singh in the 1868 AD. Since it is just located near the city Palace, it would be able to get a lot of people to come over, and have a wonderful time in his garden. It was the personal property of the maharaja, and continues to be a wonderful attraction or all the visitors that happen to visit the lush gardens. From the sands in Rajasthan, this is definitely a far cry. So, if you’re willing to visit this particular place, you will definitely find yourself having a visit in this particular locality.

The company Garden, or the Company Bagh has actually got a wonderful setting, and a formation that cannot be replicated by any other establishment. It is also known as the Shimla house, and continues to be one of the most important things that people could possibly visit when going to Alwar. So, if you are out on a hot day, and you if you want to reach a place that is cool during the summertime, then Company Bagh is the place for you to be.

How can you reach Company Bagh: –

If you go by road, you will find that it is located in the company Garden Road, which is found in the center of the Alwar city. You could take any mode of transportation, and you will be able to reach there without any difficulties.

So, have a wonderful time in this particular place, as will not only be able to witness an oasis amongst the desert, but is definitely going to leave you mesmerized and think about Rajasthan in an entirely different light.