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Flying Fox Neemrana- An Aerial Tour of a Lifetime

Flying Fox Neemrana- An Aerial Tour of a Lifetime
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Flying Fox Neemrana is a new format to tourism, there is established in Alwar, Rajasthan. One of the prime attractions is the exhilarating ride down the mountain, on nothing, but a zip line. You would be able to watch the valleys, and an eagle’s view of the Aravalli Mountains, that is located in Rajasthan. The main highlight of this particular tool would be the Neemrana Fort Palace, one of the oldest and a 15th century architectural marvels that can be found in Rajasthan.

flying-fox-neemranaThe entire tour was created on a zip line, comprising about five zip lines and approximate of 400 m long. This is not only for those that seek adventure and adrenaline in the tour, but also for those that would like to combine their journey with something that is very exciting. Neemrana has now become a destination for most of the off-site events. Most of the company visits have now been directed to this particular place, not only for the teambuilding activities, but also get the standards and the morals of the company employs extremely high.

The wonderful scenery of Rajasthan is definitely going to be reflecting on your mind. Once you end up spending a day in this particular place, you’ll realize that not only is it filled with thrilling activities, but also has stunning views, particularly having the evening tea from the leisure of the terrace of the Fort. This is actually the best way in which people will be able to relax and have a wonderful time in this place.

Well, Flying Fox Neemrana travels have been able to provide a certain itinerary on the zip line.

The 1st zip line would comprise of a view from the Aravelli Mountains, and you will be flying towards the Neemrana hill fort. This will actually give you a spectacular view of the countryside of Rajasthan. This part of the zip line is also known as the Qila Slammer, and comprises of about 330 m.

The 2nd zip line is going to span the entire mountainside, overlooking the Neemrana Fort Palace. With this particular trip of about 400 m, you’ll be able to get the feeling that you’re flying like a vulture. This also happens to be the largest zip line that is made by flying Fox. It is also nicknamed where eagles dare.

flying-fox-neemrana-2-The 3rd zip line is named after the favorite of the Bond girls, and the results of the shortest zip line. Only about 90 m, this is also nicked as pussy Galore.

Then, a drop of about 250 m, is the fourth zip line.

The fifth and most notably the one with which Indians are synonymous with is the big B. It was named in honor of Amitabh Bachchan, who once went down this particular zip line in the film Major Saheb. You can try and recreate the particular scene, or just be a part of this magnificent zip line journey.

Overall, if you’re willing to go for a breathtaking experience, and you feel like flying like the bird in the sky, this is the first thing that you would do on your visit to Alwar. The exhilaration, the pumping of adrenaline, as well as being a part of an unforgettable journey is all going to help you to recreate memories of this place in your mind long after you have actually visited this place. This is one of the safest zip lines that you shall find in India, and the staffing is proficient, and they would be able to provide appropriate practices, before you are actually let down the zip line. This is extremely good fun, and will help you to extract a certain amount of enjoyment from it.

Alwar was the formerly the capital state for the kingdom of Alwar. It has since been able to go down in the travel destination guide, but it still retains cuisine, ethnicity, as well as its fascination with the kite festival. In the locality, you have the BhangarhHaunted fort, which is considered as one of the top most haunted areas in India. The archaeological survey of India has actually put up a board forbidding the foreigners and tourists to stay in this particular fort after sunset.

Upon your visit to Alwar, expect the modern, as well as the old to greet you. This is a place where we’ll be able witness a symphony of excellence and modern creativity stay hand-in-hand with the age-old princely state attitude and architectural landmarks.