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Garbhaji Falls – A Waterfall Worth Visiting

Garbhaji Falls – A Waterfall Worth Visiting
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If you are looking to have a quiet time with your family and friends, then visiting the Garbhaji Falls near Alwar can do the trick for you. This is actually one of the nicest places that he would be able to find, and located around 10 km from the Shilished Lake. If you want to have the experience of visiting a virgin territory, then Garbhaji Falls is ideal place for you.

Located just between the Aravali hills canal, the only drawback for this particular place is that the road condition is extremely poor. If you do like to go for anything off-road, then this is the best place for you to visit, without any kind of issues or problems. There is no security in this place whatsoever, and this can be a good thing, as well as a bad one.

It would be upon the government to improve the road in this particular place, and if they do so, then RTDC would deserve a round of applause. You can definitely visit this place with your loved one, your friends, as well as your family, but you cannot take your sedan to this place. You would need to hire an SUV, or at least a vehicle that has wonderful road clearance.

The perfect direction to visit the Garbhaji Falls would be to first go to the road taking you to Shilishedlake and when you happen to reach a cluster of food joints, you need to take a left turn. After that, a further drive of about 10 km to the village and you would be at your destination. For the people that love adventure, this is the place that you need to go to.

However, there is no food or any source of water other than the waterfall at that particular place. There is a nuisance of monkeys, but if you like the wildlife, then that is an advantage to you. It is a wonderful and very quiet place, and you can also get to see a few snakes along the road. So, you need to be careful, and try and venture out from that place before the evening sets. It has a scenic view, and is encompassed by all the beautiful hills.