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Kalakand Market – A Delight for Shoppers

Kalakand Market – A Delight for Shoppers
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Kalakand Market alwarWhen you visit Alwar, then a trip to the Kalakand Market is a must. If you are especially fond of sweets, then you will be able to find yourself riveted to this particular place. After all, this market has actually been filled with a lot of dishes, that should be offered to the tourists as well as the local people fulsomely will be able to shop around for sweets as well as handicrafts and a lot of jewelry items from the shop at reasonable prices. The important thing that you remember about this place is that it is filled to the brim with excellent and crafted material, and there are also a lot of jewelry items that you will be able to find. The shopping zones located all across the market are better known as Sarrafa Bazar, and the Kedalgunj Bazar.

Except for Tuesday, each and every day, the Kalakand Market is open for the general public. So, if you’re looking into purchasing something, you better not make it on Tuesday. Instead, you can travel around this particular location, taking in a lot of sight and sounds instead. So, for the people that would actually like to have a wonderful time, picking up the sweetmeats and although the necessary accessories and go back home,

Since this is located in the center of the city, there is no need for you to travel extensively. All you need to do is to take public transportation, and ask them to take you to Kalakand market.