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Moosi Maharani ki Chatri- A Cenotaph Worth Visiting

Moosi Maharani ki Chatri- A Cenotaph Worth Visiting
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If you are on your maiden visit to Alwar, then you should not miss a visit to Moosi Maharani ki Chatri. This is otherwise known as a cenotaph and it the shrine of Maharani Moosi, who had committed the act of sati or self-immolation on the pyre of her husband. So, this particular structure is built in order to shelter the tombs of the king and the Queen, and it is in the shape of an umbrella or chhatri. This particular structure is supported by the pillared sandstone, and continues to be a wonderful place for the people to visit.

This is in fact a double storied structure that is located at the base of Aravali hills. In the background, find stunning displays of scenic beauty, and it can definitely take on a new turn, during the sunset. The top floor of the monument is actually carved and designed entirely from marble. The interior is that you will be able to look at within this particular monument is extremely beautiful, and depicted with all the mycological paintings and the frescoes that can be found in the ceiling. You may even be able to spot some peacocks, which is native to Rajasthan, dancing around if the weather is pleasant, or there is an onset of rain. This is actually the perfect location for you to visit with your family, as it does not contain anything that is entertaining, other than steeped in history.

You would witness this wonderful architecture, and you will definitely be mesmerized by its beauty. A lot of quality attractions may be found in and around Alwar, but the Moosi Maharani ki Chatri holds its own importance. So, this happens to make up for one of the most popular attractions that you can find in this place. However, always call before you visit this particular place. Otherwise, most of the time, it is closed for maintenance.