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Moti Doongri – A Small Fort Located in Alwar

Moti Doongri – A Small Fort Located in Alwar
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If you are looking to while away the time when you visit Alwar, then it is important for you to give Moti Doongri a try. This is not a place that can be known as picturesque, but rather something that is very small. It is a fort, and one that is definitely not going to entice you, or leave you breathless. Instead, it is something of a structure that you would like, and a place that you would like to go with your family. So, when it comes to the originality, when you’re looking into the residence and understanding of the royalty in question, then a visit to this particular place is very much important. It can ensure that you will be able to secure each and every other function, and it is definitely going to be the best possible thing for you.

Overall, this particular building was considered to be the main residence of the Royal family in Alwar. However, in the year of 1928, the maharaja Jai Singh had decided to demolish the building, and make sure that a magnificent structure could be built in its place. So, one would definitely realize the importance that is surrounding. So, you can visit this little-known leisure, and there is no absolute need for you to go for a visit if you’re crammed for time. In order for you to reach Moti Doongri you can do so with the help of any public transportation. It is located in the fringes of the city, so you need not have to worry about any kind of transportation needs, as is definitely fulfilled.