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Purjan Vihar- A Garden Par Excellence

Purjan Vihar- A Garden Par Excellence
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If you are on your maiden voyage to Alwar, then you will definitely get to visit a lot of quality places. Yes, Alwar is known as one of the most beautiful places that you will be able to find in Rajasthan. Subsequently, it is also known for its magnificent architecture, and interesting history. So, when you get a beautiful garden in the midst of the city, will definitely be surprised. More so, when you find that the garden was treated in the 19th century, and still has the capability to regain its beauty even after all these years. The garden goes by the name of Purjan Vihar and it so happens to be built by maharaja Shiv Dan Singh in the year of 1868.

Previously, it was named as company garden, but later this was changed to Purjan Vihar. This is actually a wonderful place for you to visit, as it contains wonderful greenery, and is situated right in the middle of the biggest desert of the country. Apart from the fact that there is a wonderful garden, you’ll actually be able to witness what is also known as the Shimla house. This is another magnificent architectural landmark in Alwar and it has a rich and a wonderful history. So, if you’re in the beautiful portrayal of the pathway, and also look forward to the luxurious vegetation and all the other features, you’ll definitely be able to come across this particular magnificent structure. The luxury, as well as the appropriate support that you can actually get from this wonderful garden is definitely going to be a frequent factor. If every time, you will be able to look into this particular structure, you’ll definitely be able to look into the excellence that is Purjan Vihar.

Since it is located in the center of the city, you can easily visit this place by any public mode of transportation.