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Sariska Tiger reserve – A Wildlife Sanctuary in India

Sariska Tiger reserve – A Wildlife Sanctuary in India
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If you’re on the lookout for having a wildlife itinerary in front of you, then a visit to the Sariska Tiger reserve in Alwar is the best thing that you will. It is a national park, as well as a wildlife refuge for a variety of animals, in particular the Tiger. It is also consisting of hilly cliffs, as well as leaves and grass that are brown in color. You’ll definitely be able to witness the area as a vast land, and consists of about 866 square kilometres. The party situated nearly about 107 km from Jaipur and around 200 km from Delhi.

Located in the area of Sariska, and being a part of the Aravalli Range of mountains, this particular region is also extremely rich in minerals like copper. However, due to the presence of wildlife, mining in such places are banned. One of the most attractive features that will find about this natural reserve is the presence of Bengal tigers, one of the most successful reproduction cases in the history of India when it comes to wildlife.

Apart from this particular species, there are a lot of four horned antelopes, golden jackal, Leopard, jungle cat, and the rhesus monkey. There is a lot of flora and fauna in this particular place, and the people that visit the National reserve will definitely be able to find themselves enchanted by the wildlife as well as with animals.

There is also saltwater body in the reserve, so there is absolutely no shortage of water, neither a need for any Salt Lick that is mostly common in the reserves. After all, this is a place that is able to receive a lot of rainfall every year, and is not at all a place will be able to associate with the rest of the state. So, you’ll definitely be have a wonderful time in this particular place, and you need not have to worry about any kind of problems or anything of that sort. This is a wonderful natural reserve, and is also actively promoted by the State tourism Department of Rajasthan. If you violate any of the wildlife protection norms, then you will be liable to get arrested.

The wildlife is extremely good, and happens to provide a lot of understanding on the habitat of tigers, particularly the Bengal tigers. There are also a lot of historical important sites within this particular Tiger reserve, most important is the Kankwadi fort that was built by Jai Singh II. So, this is definitely going to be a wonderful experience for you and you’ll be able to bring about the desirable changes in your itinerary in order to fit the Sariska Tiger reserve.