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Tripolia Imperial Mausoleum- A wondrous Monument Worthy of a Visit

Tripolia Imperial Mausoleum- A wondrous Monument Worthy of a Visit
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If you want to visit a mausoleum, then going to the Tripolia Imperial Mausoleum that is located in Alwar is the best thing for you. This is actually dedicated in memory of Sauber Pal. It stands directly in the middle of the busy market, and happens to make for a wonderful vantage point. The monument was actually built in the year of 1417 AD and this was mainly done in order to commemorate the amount of bravery displayed by the grandson of Tarang Sultan, Sauber Pal.

This structure is actually presented with a unique architectural feature. It has flat and domed roofs, which will be able to attach itself to the various side of the structure, with the provision of only a single gate. In the easternmost region, of the monument, you will be able to find a small temple that is in the name of Lord Shiva. The vicinity of Tripolia Imperial Mausoleum also contains the Nehru Park, which will be able to serve a lot of people, and there would be a lot of blistering features that can be found in the 17th century that has been imbibed into this particular structure. For the Travelers going to Alwar, this is the kind of structure that they would be able to witness as a benchmark for the kind of architecture in the land.