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Vijay Mandir Palace – A Scenic Beauty

Vijay Mandir Palace – A Scenic Beauty
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When you think about visiting a palace that is not at all something that you would want to think about in architectural terms, you would go to the Vijay Mandir palace. One of the best places that is definitely a treat to the eye, this beautiful palace was actually built by maharaja Jai Singh and is located only about 10 km from Alwar. You’ll definitely be able to have a wonderful idea about the place, as it has a mesmerizing beauty around eight. It is even more beautiful, when it has a wonderful in the background, and a garden that is surrounding the entire palace.

Also, the architecture of the temple is a major attraction to most of the tools that like to visit this place. There is about hundred and five elaborate rooms that will be able to draw your attention to the kind of architecture as well as all the other features that are to do with a particularly good and sound building. So, with this particular local architectural framework, you’ll actually understand the clear features, and all the various kinds of factors that can actually bring about the desired changes in your need to understand about Vijay Mandir palace.

Of course, when you look into the history, you’ll definitely be astounded. This particular building has a wonderful history behind it. When maharaja jai Singh had commissioned the construction of the Yashwnt Niwas for greeting the guests be expected something out of this entire place. However, he was unhappy with the outcome of the construction. So, he ordered an immediate reconstruction, which went on to become known as Vijay Mandir palace. This is how this particular palace came into being, and is still one of the major attractions for the people that happen to visit Alwar.